Case Study: How éclat increased conversion on TikTok by 34%

Feb 1, 2024

About éclat

éclat is a Dutch D2C beauty brand selling premium collagen supplements. Collagen is a protein with benefits for hair, skin and nails, and there is an active online community excited by its effectiveness. éclat developed a unique formula mixing premium collagen with additional supplements that is enjoyed by thousands of customers.

As for most D2C brands at this stage, éclat's main growth channel has been Meta for conversions. In addition, the team learned to leverage TikTok for top of funnel activities.


As éclat was entering its next growth stage, the team started to carefully increase their ad spend on Meta while closely controlling their target acquisition costs, which is a tremendous challenge. Beauty is a notoriously competitive segment with CPM and CPC prices being volatile and rising.

As for many beauty brands, User Generated Content (UGC) provided some of the best performing creatives for their Meta ads. In addition, éclat invested into relationships with micro creators and leveraged their content as partnership ads on Meta. The éclat team was looking for ways to better convert the expensive traffic generated via Meta without having to pay fortunes to CRO agencies.

In addition, éclat had initial success with running TikTok campaigns, generating high reach and clicks numbers at attractive CPM and CPC prices. However, traffic via TikTok converted significantly worse than traffic via Meta, thus keeping TikTok’s ROAS way below their target. éclat’s experience is shared by most D2C brands who perceive TikTok as a great channel for generating awareness, but very poor for generating conversions.


zinehub leveraged its technology to build custom made mini-storefronts tailored to éclat's UGC and creator content. We used our battle tested video format that builds a seamless transition experience from ad click to landing page, and shortens the check-out path to capture high-intent buyers:

Two formats for éclat's mini-storefronts featuring different creators

Our mini-storefront format featured the UGC and creator video and natively integrated the hero product in the video content, similarly to how TikTok is implementing their in-app shopping features but giving the brand full flexibility how the purchasing funnel looks like. Plus, brands using zinehub storefronts keep their customer data rather than giving away their first party data to TikTok. We believe that while brands should capture opportunities that marketplaces and retailers can offer, it's crucial for brands to keep a large part of customers relationships direct in order to build a long term sustainable business online. zinehub offers exactly this, leveraging the potential that social commerce offers but allowing brands to own their direct customer relationships.


éclat ran several A/B tests to compare how the zinehub storefronts performed vs. redirecting the traffic to éclat’s standard landing page. In addition, éclat was able to rapidly test different messaging and offers without requiring internal or external resources for building new landing pages. While we achieved strong uplifts on Meta campaigns, we’ve been mostly impressed with the outcomes on TikTok:

Conversion rates jumped by 34% and Cost per Acquisition decreased by 58%, turning TikTok into a profitable sales channel within a few weeks. éclat was able to rapidly scale zinehub's mini-storefronts to more video ads and creator content, achieving similar results. Turning TikTok into a conversion channel has only been achieved by few brands, but éclat managed to achieve the top 12% among best converting TikTok ads in the beauty industry through zinehub's TikTok native mini-storefronts.

Snapshot on ad performance from TikTok ad library

We believe that brands that want to succeed in 2024 need to understand how to leverage TikTok as a conversion channel. If you want to hear about more case studies how we help brands profitable grow via social, feel free to subscribe to our waiting list or book a call with the zinehub team.

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