Our mission

Make the web more relevant

zinehub's experience platform empowers marketers to create and optimize contextual and high-converting post-click experiences. We believe that the best online commerce experiences are like (maga)zines: easy to read, engaging and specific to an audience

Our founders

Alex - CEO & Co-founder

Before zinehub, Alex worked with D2C brands on their influencer marketing campaigns and previously launched a marketing analytics software. He started his career at Boston Consulting Group where he worked with global brands on their digital marketing strategies and spent the last years at VC-backed tech companies in growth leadership roles.

Jonathan - CTO & Co-founder

Before zinehub, Jonathan was leading software engineering teams at Medwing and Contentful, the leading headless Content Management Solution that helps enterprise brands create unique web experiences. Previously, he helped building a social media loyalty software and founded his own web development agency in Brazil.

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